Pegasus Roof Restoration’s 11 step process for a complete tile roof solution

  1. Replace all damaged tiles and ridge capping.
  2. Inspect and restore all flashing (if necessary).
  3. Locate and repair any reported leaking.
  4. Remove any surrounding objects from the work area to prevent damage ie cars, outdoor furniture
  5. Water blast cleaning to remove all dirt, moss and lichen from the roof.
  6. Rinse downpipes, gutters and paths of any debris and grime.
  1. Re-bed if needed and re-point all ridge capping with flexible pointing compound.
  2. Seal roof with Dulux WB roof sealer/primer.
  3. Spray roof with 2 coats of Dulux Acrasheild roofing membrane of your chosen colour.
  4. Cleanup work area and remove any waste.
  5. Available on request, 6 spare tiles and 2 litres of membrane are left for future use.

Tile Roof Restoration

Concrete roofing tiles require periodic maintenance and will also require specialised coatings throughout their lifetime. Over time they can gradually lose their lustre and become porous, the best way to overcome this is to have a complete roof restoration, this will keep the roof watertight and looking brand new.

As we appreciate the importance of personal colour choice, we offer a fully comprehensive colour selection, that will suit every type of home.

If your tiled roof requires roof repairs, for example, re-bedding or re-pointing of the ridge capping or you would love to transform the overall appearance of your house with a comprehensive roof restoration, the experts at Pegasus Roof Restoration can fulfil all your roof restoration needs.


Heat Reflective

Pegasus recommend Dulux Infracool membrane to keep your house cool in summer.


Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration is a term that is used to describe the process of cleaning, repairing and re-coating a metal roof such as
Colorbond, corrugated iron and trim deck.





Pegasus Metal Roof Restoration Process

  1. Treat any bad rust and corrosion areas, by applying a Rust convertor.
  2. Replace any Sheeting where rust is beyond repair.
  3. Replace any Loose or rusty nails or screws.
  4. Pressure clean the roof and cleanup any mess
  5. Apply a metal etch primer, such as a Zinc Phosphate primer coat.
  6. Apply 2 topcoats of Dulux roof membrane in you choice of colour.


  1. Helps to make your home completely weatherproof.
  2. Makes your home more secure in high winds.
  3. Drastically improves the look, street appeal and value of your home.
  4. Safe collection of drinking water from your roof to tank.
  5. Dulux roof membrane provides ultimate protection, durability, colour retention and weatherproofing.

Large Scale Commercial Roof Restoration





Asbestos roof restoration

Asbestos, Super 6 Roofing and Encapsulation.

Save on removal & replacement costs, just paint it.

During the 1950’s and 60’s asbestos was a very popular building product. In the 1980’s the use of asbestos roof sheeting was discontinued, but over time the cement matrix of the asbestos continues to deteriorate, which is a concern for the health and safety of the community.

There are many asbestos cement fibre roofs around Australia that are in their 5th or 6th decade of service without any maintenance ever having been done. However, asbestos roofing undergoes a weathering process with exposure to the outside elements of wet, dry, hot, cold, day and night. A loose layer develops, which becomes colonised with lichen. The lichen secretes oxalic acid and attacks the cement, causing exposure of the asbestos fibre. The surface becomes unstable, the asbestos roofing is weakened and the darkened colour causes a substantial increase in roof cavity temperatures. As it deteriorates over time, the composition of the roofing material becomes brittle and friable.

You can extend the life of your asbestos roof for further decades by having it encapsulated before it is too late.

Removal is a very costly exercise compared to restoration.

Restore your Domestic or Commercial Asbestos Roof.

Our specialised, 6 step roof process protects the roof sheeting from the elements and further decay ensuring it is safe for many years to come.

  1. Remove debris
  2. Repair split sheets and capping
  3. Rescrew loose sheets and metal prime rusty screws
  4. Apply a mould retardant to kill existing mould and prevent any new mould growth
  5. Completely seal and bind the asbestos cement using a solvent based primer which penetrates and encapsulates the asbestos fibres
  6. Apply 2 top coats of Dulux Roof Membrane. This coating is 100% acrylic and provides superior waterproofing qualities.

Asbestos Roof Encapsulation can achieve the following:

  • Bind and encapsulate the asbestos fibres.
  • Waterproof your roof.
  • Avoids very high removal & replacement costs.
  • Lowers roof cavity temperatures resulting in savings of air conditioning costs.
  • Gives an extension to the life of your asbestos roof.
  • Provides a rejuvenated appearance.
  • Ensures no asbestos-related illness occurs to your family.
  • Increases the value of your property.
  • Stops airborne fibres floating around your property.
  • Safeguard collected tank rainwater from contamination.

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Bedding & Pointing

Roof bedding & pointing are essential parts of a roof’s structure & require regular maintenance to ensure your home stays dry in wet weather.

Roof bedding is a cement mortar that the ridge, hip and barge cap tiles sit on and are stuck to. This is the most critical and important part of a tiled roof and is the most common area where water damage occurs in storms. Over time the bedding cracks as it is subject to natural wear.

  • Movement from temperature change (Roof materials expand and contract when hot and cold between day and night).
  • Movement from house frame flexing.
  • Movement from ground shifting.
  • The roof moves more than any other part of the house.

Rebedding the caps means removing the caps and stripping off all the old bedding concrete. We then lay a new 3:1 sand/cement mix and carefully reset the caps on it. Then we trowel over the top of that a second layer of coloured, flexible pointing compound. The flexipoint compound increases the life of the bedding, creates a stronger hold on the tiles and seals the roof against dust and water and also looks good.





If the bedding and pointing is loose and showing cracks and signs of age, it will most likely leak. It will need attention such as a repoint.

If your pointing has cracked or deteriorated your roof is far more likely to leak which will cause damage to your home. If your roof does not have flexible pointing we strongly recommend your roof be repointed.





If your pointing has cracked or deteriorated your roof is far more likely to start to leak which will cause damage to your home. If your roof does not have flexible pointing we strongly recommend your roof be repointed.

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Roof cleaning


Roof cleaning is the most cost-effective method of roof renovation. Our roof cleaning service is extremely useful to roofs that suffer from bacterial and fungal infestations. The most commonly met problems include; mosses, mildews, moulds and green and black algae. These infestations can also lead to a leaking roof and clogged gutters.

Moss and lichen growing on a colourbond roof for an extended period of time can cause premature ageing of the colourbond metal. This is because the moss and lichen eat into the bonded paint, damaging the coating and exposing the raw metal to the elements.

Cleaning your roof will not only improve the look of your roof, but it will also help in identifying any damage or problems such as broken tiles or weathered and cracked pointing. We will assess the condition of your roof and tell you all of our recommendations.

When you get your roof cleaned by Pegasus Roof Restoration you get the job done right. We disconnect your water tank and clean your roof and clean out your gutters and clean up any mess, and if you have solar panels on the roof we clean them too.

Our focus is on quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

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Driveway cleaning and painting

Pegasus Roof Restoration can give your old driveway the restoration it needs.
Attractive, durable and simple.

Painting your existing concrete is an economical and practical way to blend your concrete surface with the colours around your home. The coatings we use not only provide a strong even colour but they strengthen the surface to resist chipping and scratching. The coatings also block the pores of the concrete providing a protective layer that helps stop dirt becoming ingrained.





After physically waterblasting the surface clean and chemically cleaning the surface with hydrochloric acid for maximum adhesion, 2 colour coats with non-slip grit are then applied.

Just choose a colour and let Pegasus Roof Restoration clean and paint your new or old:

  • Driveway
  • Entertaining area
  • Steps
  • Paths and patios

Reinvigorate any old or new concrete surface with a fresh new look.

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